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Year 6- SAT's homework and information

SAT's Timetable 2014


SAT's Week~ May 12th - May 16th 


All children entered for the SAT's tests will sit the level 3-5 tests. Some children will be entered for the level 6 papers if they are already working towards that level. 


The timetable is set by the Department for Education. Most tests will be taken in the morning.




Levels 3-5 English reading test

Level 6 English reading test                                    


Levels 3-5 English grammar, punctuation and spelling test

Level 6 English grammar, punctuation and spelling test


Levels 3-5 mental mathematics test

Levels 3-5 mathematics Paper 1

No level 6 tests timetabled for this day


Levels 3-5 mathematics Paper 2

Level 6 mathematics Paper 1

Level 6 mathematics Paper 2



SPAG (Spelling Punctuation And Grammar)- 45 mins + 15 mins approx

The English grammar, punctuation and spelling test at levels 3-5 has two components, worth a total of 70 marks:

  • a booklet of short-answer questions
  • a spelling task


Paper 1, the short-answer questions, consists of between 40 and 50 questions assessing grammar, punctuation and vocabulary. Each question is worth one or two marks with a total for the paper of 50 marks. The questions are:

  • selected response items (such as multiple choice questions) or
  • short, open response items, in which children may have to write a word, a few words or a sentence.

Paper 2, the spelling task, consists of 20 sentences, which are read aloud by the test administrator. Each sentence has a word missing which the child must complete. The task is worth a total of 20 marks.


READING- 1 hour


The texts in the levels 3-5 English reading booklet will not be linked by a theme. The booklet will contain three or four texts. The least demanding text will come first with the following texts increasing in level of difficulty.

Children will read the texts and complete the questions at their own pace.

The reading answer booklet will comprise approximately 35 to 40 questions (totalling 50 marks). The questions are:

  • shorter, closed response items (such as multiple choice and matching questions);
  • shorter, open response items; and
  • longer, open response items that require children to explain and comment on the texts in order to demonstrate a full understanding.

Questions are worth 1, 2 or 3 marks.


MATHS- 2x 45mins and 20 mins


The levels 3-5 mathematics test consists of:

  • two non-calculator papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2, each lasting 45 minutes
  • mental mathematics test, lasting 20 minutes

Children’s marks from all three tests are aggregated to calculate their overall mathematics level.

no   Revision  no


These web sites have great revision tools and games to help year 6 children prepare for the tests:


     BBC Bitesize 

Excellent, well advertised, resources from the BBC covering English, Maths and Science.


     Booster Sea Mission

Maths based sea mission.


     Who wants to be a Mathionaire?

Maths questions delivered in the style of 'Who wants to be a millionaire?'


     ICT Teachers

The ICT Teachers site has lots of KS2 SATs practice questions.



Countdown numbers and letters games


     True or False

Year 6 true or false maths questions


     Top Marks

Activities for English, maths and science.



Revise 7 areas of maths topics.


     Your School Site

Calculation and Problem Solving quizzes.

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