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Summer 2015

Avalon Marshes

Avalon Marshes 1 As part of our science topic........
Avalon Marshes 2 ......we went to Avalon Marshes.
Avalon Marshes 3 We were learning to identify plants and insects.
Avalon Marshes 4
Avalon Marshes 5 We saw an eel slide!!.......
Avalon Marshes 6 .....and some swans.
Avalon Marshes 7
Avalon Marshes 8 We kept ours eyes open for river voles.
Avalon Marshes 9
Avalon Marshes 10 We saw a heron.
Avalon Marshes 11
Avalon Marshes 12 Pond dipping............
Avalon Marshes 13 ...........lots to identify here!!!!
Avalon Marshes 14
Avalon Marshes 15
Avalon Marshes 16
Avalon Marshes 17
Avalon Marshes 18
Avalon Marshes 19
Avalon Marshes 20 Playing a game at the end of the day!

The leopards Drum

Leopards Drum Music

Leopards Drum Music 1 We used drums to make African music.
Leopards Drum Music 2
Leopards Drum Music 3
Leopards Drum Music 4
Leopards Drum Music 5
Leopards Drum Music 6
Leopards Drum Music 7
Leopards Drum Music 8
Leopards Drum Music 9
Leopards Drum Music 10
Leopards Drum Music 11



Sikhism 1 Abhiroop's Mum came to talk to us.
Sikhism 2 She told us about life as a Sikh.
Sikhism 3 She told us all about this religion.
Sikhism 4
Sikhism 5
Sikhism 6
Picture 1 Class2 pirates have been sailing the oceans.......
Picture 2 ......using coordinates to find the treasure!
Picture 3
Picture 4


Plants 1 We have been planting sunflowers and beans.
Plants 2 We watched the roots and shoots grow.
Plants 3
Plants 4

“By working together in an exciting, creative and supportive Christian environment we will challenge and inspire every child to become highly literate, numerate, sociable and healthy, with a thirst for continued learning and a belief in their ability to become significant citizens”