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Spring Term

Map Maths!

As we began looking at scale drawing in maths, we brushed up our map reading skills and looked for scale and symbols on a range of OS maps of the UK. 



We have enjoyed a lot of PE this term. Here is a clip of our dance performance, where we learnt about body isolation, dancing in unison, moving to the beat and performing with others. Scroll down our VIDEO RESOURCES to Class 5. Enjoy!

Field Study

As part of our topic on species, we have been looking around our grounds for creatures that live in, on and under things. We carefully observed and collected specimens, which we classified and recorded. We saw a lot of insects, annelids and molluscs! 

Observational Drawing

As part of our science learning, we have been trying to complete observational drawings of daffodils growing in our school field. 

“By working together in an exciting, creative and supportive Christian environment we will challenge and inspire every child to become highly literate, numerate, sociable and healthy, with a thirst for continued learning and a belief in their ability to become significant citizens”