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The Sainsbury's School Games Mark is now in its 4th year and continues to reward schools for their commitment to and development of competition, school sport and physical education. 


We have a system in place to enable us to track pupil's participation in the Sainsbury's School Games and provide opportunities that attract less active young people to participate in physical activity.


In 2015, we achieved the Silver Mark Award.  In order to achieve this, all students in KS2 were provided with at least two hours of physical education and school sport per week and we engaged at least 35% of these pupils in extracurricular sporting activity every week.  We also used the Sainsbury's School Games formats to provide the opportunity for both boys and girls to take part in the appropriate levels of competition.


Results of Competitions that we have participated in so far this year:


Cricket World Cup National Anthem Mascots

Australia vs Pakistan

12th June, 2019


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Sedgemoor Sportshall Athletics Tournament:


Sedgemoor Small School's Football Final:

In the final, we played three matches against other local small schools coming third overall.



Enmore 1 - 1 Westonzoyland

Nether Stowey 1 - 0 Enmore

Kingsmoor 0 - 3 Enmore

Children in Need Virtual Rickshaw Challenge:

Over the week, the children were set the challenge of running, walking or skipping as many miles as they possibly could. An initial target of 250 miles was smashed on the first day and they went on to run a whopping 1530 miles! 

Sedgemoor Small School's Football Tournament:

In October, 8 boys took part in the Small School's Football tournament. They did very well, winning three of their matches and drawing the fourth, meaning they have qualified for the Small School's Final.



North Newton 0 - 0 Enmore

Otterhampton 0 - 4 Enmore

Enmore 2 - 0 Nether Stowey

Enmore 1 -  0 Brent Knoll

Boccia League: 

The Boccia League is up and running for another year, with 17 teams taking part. Here are a few photos of them in action.


Sedgemoor School's Tag Rugby Festival:

Sixteen schools came together at BCA for a friendly tag rugby festival. Each school was able to play three matches against other local schools. Once again, Enmore showed excellent teamwork skills and their effort and enthusiasm paid off as they won each of their matches.



Brent Knoll 5 - 6 Enmore

Enmore 4 - 3 Somerset Bridge

Wembdon 1 - 9 Enmore

Brymore Cross Country Results:

Well done to all the children who took part in the second cross country race of the year. We currently stand in first place with 1519 points.

Sedgemoor School's Swimming Gala Final:

After a strong finish in the previous round, Enmore qualified for the area swimming gala final. They met tough opposition from five other schools, finishing 2nd overall by one point. Excellent work again from our swimmers!


1st: North Newton - 79 pts

2nd: Enmore - 78 pts

3rd: Nether Stowey - 75 pts

4th: St. Josephs - 70 pts

5th: North Petherton - 61 pts

6th: Wembdon - 44 pts

Sedgemoor School's Swimming Gala: 

Fifteen schools took part in the Sedgemoor swimming galas this year. The results from the three galas were combined and Enmore qualified for the Sedgemoor School's Swimming Gala final. Well done to the children who took part.


1st: Enmore - 93pts

2nd: Kingsmoor - 62 pts

3rd: North Petherton - 47 pts

4th: St. Josephs - 46 pts

House Swimming Gala:

1st: Elver (Blue) - 32 pts

2nd: Coleridge (Green) - 23 pts

3rd: Blake (Yellow) - 19 pts

4th: Parrett (Red) - 17 pts

Well done to the swimmers from Elver house!

Sportshall Athletics

Fourteen Sedgemoor Primary schools took part in a Sportshall Athletics tournament. After competing in a number of relay and field events, we were very pleased to have accumulated 1302 points, putting us in third place overall.

North Petherton Cross Country

We've had a great start with the first cross country event of the year. We are currently in first place with 815 points. 

Small Schools Pool A Football Tournament:

In September, 9 children from Year 5 and 6 took part in the small school's football tournament. 


IMG_3001 4.MOV

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The rounder's team qualified for the Somerset School Games at Millfield. They competed against other schools from around the county. They came 3rd in their pool and 5th overall.

Year 6 Cricket Tournament


Ten schools from the Bridgwater area took part in a Kwik Cricket Tournament at North Petherton Cricket Club this week. The boys played incredibly well and won all four of their matches, finishing in first place. As a result, they have qualified for the county final at the Cooper Associates County Ground in Taunton.


Wembdon 247 - 260 Enmore

Nether Stowey 277 - 285 Enmore

Enmore 293 - 210 Somerset Bridge  

Enmore 301 - 246 North Newton

Year 3/4 Tennis Tournament


16 children from Year 3 and 4 took part in a tennis tournament at the Avenue Tennis Club in Burnham. They made up four teams and played a number of matches, scoring points during each match. Each team played very well, but in the end, it was Enmore C who accumulated 50 points and finished in second place overall. They finished only 1 point behind the winners! They have qualified for the county final at the Somerset's Summer School Games in July.

Rounders Tournament


The rounders team took part in a tournament just before half term and played very well, winning three out of their five games.


North Petherton 13 - 25 Enmore 

Enmore 13 - 25 Wembdon St. George

Enmore 20 - 14 St. Josephs

Enmore 12 - 18 Somerset Bridge

Hamp 10 - 42 Enmore

Year 5/6 Girl's Cricket Festival


Sixty girls from around the Sedgemoor area came together to play in the Girl's Cricket Festival. They had a short skills session run by the ECB and then played in matches. The Enmore girls played well in two very close games, but unfortunately lost them both by a few runs. 

Cross Country Final Results:


Well done to all the children who took part in the Cross Country events this year. Enmore amassed a fantastic 1477 points, over the three races, to finish second out of all the Sedgemoor schools.


An extra well done must go out to Charlie Drabble for finishing 1st overall in the Year 3 Boys category with 123 points, Mallory Davey for finishing 2nd overall in the Year 4 Girls category with 101 points and Toby Marshall for finishing 3rd overall in the Year 5 Boys category with 130 points.


Tag Rugby Tournament:


Enmore battled the freezing cold weather, at North Petherton Rugby Club, to finish joint first place with Somerset Bridge. As a result, they have qualified for the Somerset Spring School Games Tournament and will play other qualifying schools from around the county.



BCA 4 - 6 Enmore

Enmore 5 - 4 Shapwick

Enmore 6 - 4 Eastover

Somerset Bridge 8 - 8 Enmore

Mixed Netball League:


In the final match of the season, Enmore fought back in the 3rd and 4th quarter to hold Eastover to a draw. The final score was 3-3.

Year 1 and 2 Key Step Gymnastics:


The children worked very hard after the first round, as they were required to learn and remember a routine for the final. They had great fun on the day and put in a great performance for Enmore.


The results were:

1st - St. Marys A

2nd - St. Marys B and St. Josephs BOS

4th - Enmore

5th - St. Josephs BW

6th - St. Josephs BOS B

7th - Kingsmoor

Mixed Netball League:


This week, the netball team played North Newton. The result was 9-4 to Enmore.

Mixed Netball League:


In the second match of the season, Enmore played Puriton and after a hard fought match they drew 4-4.

Mixed Netball League:


Enmore played their first netball match, this year, at home to Somerset Bridge. The final result was 6-15 to Somerset Bridge. 

Sedgemoor Swimming Gala Final:


The children swam very well in their first-round swimming gala and qualified in first place for the final. Once again, the team put in a strong performance and finished in joint first place with Nether Stowey. Unfortunately, Nether Stowey won more races than us, so we were moved to second place.


1st: Nether Stowey -  94 pts

2nd: Enmore - 94 pts

3rd: Wembdon - 78 pts

4th: Berrow - 59 pts

5th: St. John and St. Francis - 53 pts

6th: Kingsmoor - 41 pts

House Swimming Gala:

1st: Parrett (Red) - 28 pts

2nd: Blake (Yellow) - 26 pts

3rd: Coleridge (Green) - 16 pts

4th: Elver (Blue) - 10 pts

Sportshall Athletics:

Thirteen Sedgemoor Primary schools took part in a Sportshall Athletics tournament. After competing in a number of relay and field events, we were very pleased to have accumulated 470 points, putting us in third place overall.

Burnham on Sea Cross Country
North Petherton Cross Country

World Cup Festival of Rugby


Enmore entered three teams into the friendly World Cup Tag Rugby Festival held at North Petherton Rugby Club. Enmore A represented Tonga, Enmore B were New Zealand and Enmore C, Scotland. All of the children who took part had great fun at the festival. Enmore A were particularly successful in the strong Pool A group. Read all about it in their Match Report.

Small Schools Pool A Football Tournament:

1st: Puriton

2nd: North Newton

3rd: Brent Knoll

4th: Enmore


Sainsbury's School Games Swimming

Sainsbury's School Games Rounders

Sainsbury's School Games Tennis Final

Tri-Golf Festival:

Year 3/4 competition: 1st - Enmore 705 pts, 2nd - Berrow A 608 pts

Year 5/6 competition: 1st - Bridgwater College Academy, 2nd - Berrow B 683 pts, 3rd - Enmore 678 pts


Sedgemoor School's Year 3/4 Tennis Cup:

Four teams took part in the competition. One team made it to the final and came runners-up. This team will now move on to the Sainsbury's School Games at Millfield.



The team won the Sedgemoor area competition on points difference and have qualified for the Sainsbury's School Games at Millfield.


Year 2 Wellington Active Sports Programme:

The Year 2 children, who took part, came 3rd overall in the competition.


Sedgemoor Swimming Gala:

1st - Enmore 102 pts

2nd - Nether Stowey 93 pts

3rd - Woolavington 65 pts

4th - Kingsmoor 63 pts

5th - Stogursey 56 pts

6th - Brent Knoll 44 pts

Below are website links to sports clubs that we have agreed to work with to provide new and varied opportunities for young people

“By working together in an exciting, creative and supportive Christian environment we will challenge and inspire every child to become highly literate, numerate, sociable and healthy, with a thirst for continued learning and a belief in their ability to become significant citizens”