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Science Day - Water

Our Science Day, this term, was themed around water. We spent the day investigating the changes caused by heating and cooling water, as well as learning about soluble and insoluble materials, solutions and saturation points. The children also learnt how to carry out and record a scientific investigation in their books. During our lessons, we spent time discussing the importance of making sure we carried out fair tests and how we could do this.
The children investigated whether sugar, talcum powder, sand, coffee granules, gravy granules, flour and rice dissolve or not. Do you know which materials are soluble, insoluble and which materials stay in a state of suspension? 
During our second investigation, we learnt that water has a different saturation point with different materials. The children tested how many spoonfuls of sugar or salt would dissolve in water before it became saturated.
The children also learnt that temperature can change the speed at which a material will dissolve. Through their investigation, they discovered that the warmer the temperature of the water, the quicker the sugar dissolved.
After finding out about the properties of solids, liquids and gases, the children extended their learning further by finding out about condensation and evaporation. We watched water in a kettle evaporate into water vapour when it was boiled. Then we saw the water vapour condense, when it touched the cold, glass window.

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