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Sainsbury's School Games Tennis Match Report

Sainsbury’s School Games Tennis Finals 


On Thursday the 2nd of July we went to the Tennis finals. Toby, Trystan, Freya and Lucy played against many teams most of which we won. We are proud to say we came 6th out of 8.  The winner of the final was Dunster School. Everyone got a certificate and a sweet. First, second and third got a medal.


About an hour after we began it started to rain and all the balls got waterlogged and were harder to hit. But after a while the sky cleared and it got a bit warmer.

The tennis was held at Millfield Private School.


Before we started there was a presentation with people hula-hooping, dancing and gymnastics. We were able to meet Craig Pickering, an Olympic athlete, who raced Usain Bolt and also did the Bobsleigh in the Winter Olympics. We got the chance to have our photo taken with him.


By Lucy and Freya

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