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Investigators: Properties of Materials

As part of our Topic this term, Class 4 have been learning about different properties of materials by becoming 'investigators'.

News Flash

On Wednesday 3rd September, an incident occurred at Enmore Primary School.


Mrs Tottle was cleaning the tables in Class 4 when she suffered a head injury. She can remember someone coming into the room, but the events that follow that are a mystery as she now has amnesia. Mrs Tottle's cleaning cupboard key went missing at the same time.


It has become clear that this was no accident. CCTV footage has been examined and there are five possible suspects. These were all members of staff. Class 4 have trained as forensic scientists in order to examine the evidence and solve this crime.  

During this topic, we have learnt how to:

  • ask scientific questions;
  • use our scientific knowledge to make predictions;
  • make organised, accurate measurements from our observations;
  • repeat investigations to check they are accurate; and
  • make conclusions based on evidence.
After examining all of the evidence, Class 4 came to the conclusion that Mrs Green was the guilty suspect. When questioned, Mrs Green confessed to needing Mrs Tottle's hoover to remove spilt glitter from her classroom floor. Not wanting to inconvenience Mrs Tottle she hatched a plan to borrow the cleaning cupboard key. She heated a cup of tea in the microwave, as a distraction. Mrs Tottle burnt her lips on the hot tea and in shock, fell over her mop bucket, and banged her head. 

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