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Monday 23rd March


Tasks for today:

  • Log in to Google Classroom- Complete your work on World War 2. Make sure you can insert pictures and have included sub- headings. Click on submit in the top right hand corner of the page so I can see that it has been completed.
  • Log in to Mathletics- make sure you have completed all assigned tasks. If you already have- GREAT!!! Work through the fraction questions. I shall assign more tasks tomorrow.
  • Log in to TTRS. See if you can move up 3 levels.
  • If you cannot log in, please e-mail into the school.
  • I will post up the names of children completing tasks well.


Tuesday 24th March

  • Log in to Google Classroom- you have been set 2 assignments based on the changing seasons. If you find the art task tricky you could do it on paper but have a go!
  • More Mathletics exercises have been assigned.


Wednesday 25th March- Lest We Forget..

On Wednesdays we will review the things that it is really important we do not forget!

  • Recap on the mathematical procedures you should know by the end of the year. You should be able to:
  1. Add any two 3- digit numbers together
  2. Subtract a 3-digit number from another
  3. Multiply a 3- digit number by any single digit
  4. Divide a 3- digit number by single digit

Ask a parent to write down three of each of these sums and make sure you can still do them!!

  • Log- in to Google Classroom. There is a history task. You could listen to some of the information about other rooms and tour your house putting post-it notes on, or making a list of things they did not have in the 1940s.
  • Complete any assigned Mathletics tasks- use the tutorial if necessary.


Thursday 26th March

  • An online extended writing task should be in Google Classroom. The story ideas are only suggestions. Try to write 10 lines or so in each part. Do not worry if you do not finish this task today. Once finished you could add some pictures to your writing.
  • I have set more Mathletics course work. Well done to Aaron, Olivia, Ellie, Grace and Logan who have answered most questions so far this week. Aaron has done over 5 hours!!!!!


Friday 27th March

  • From Friday there will be a file in Google Classroom. You can all edit this file. Send a message to your classmates and tell them what you have been up to. Be careful not to delete what other people have written. If you are working on this file at the same time you should be able to spot who is online and say, "Hi!"
  • Explore some of the other websites we have links to at the bottom of this page. If you find a good one or are using a good one e-mail me at
  • Well done to Riley, Ruben, Olivia, Dulcie and Ellie who have been most active on TTRS.
  • Have a good weekend!!


Monday 30th March

I hope you all had a good weekend! This week I have posted all of the activities at the same time although some may not appear on Google Classroom until Wednesday. Do not feel you have to do everything in order.

It is really important to keep practicing your mathematical procedures and times tables. I will put Times Table Rock Stars in every day because 5 minutes a day is much better than one hour, once a week!

This week’s maths will focus on shape work. The Mathletics units have been assigned. So today...


  • In Google Classroom open the file Word Types- follow the example typing some sentences of your own, colour- coding the different types of word
  • In Google Classroom open the file Observational drawing. If you can send in a picture of your work, please do
  • TTRS/Mathletics
  • If you want to keep practising your ukulele these Youtube tutorials should be just right. The strumming pattern in the second clip is a little more challenging.


Tuesday 31st March

  • TTRS
  • Go to Google Classroom- open the Science/Literacy file and complete.


Wednesday 1st April

  • It is really important that we do not forget our shape vocabulary. Ask someone at home if you do not remember the following shapes/words: circle, semi- circle, ellipse, triangle (equilateral, isosceles, scalene), quadrilateral (square, rectangle, rhombus, kite, parallelogram, trapezium), pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, right angle, acute, obtuse, vertical, horizontal, parallel, perpendicular, sphere, cylinder, cone, cube, cuboid, pyramid, prism, symmetry. LOTS to remember!!!!!!
  • Open the Space Ship file in Google Classroom. Use Shape and Polyline to build a Space Ship LABELLING THE SHAPES! I have started one. Continue with on or delete it and start again. Can you use 8 different shapes? You will need to use lines and add text boxes to label.
  • TTRS
  • Go to Google Classroom. Open the DT Task file. Complete on paper or in a Google Doc file.


Thursday 2nd April

  • TTRS
  • Go to Google Classroom. Open the Great Artists file and complete the task. Be creative.


Friday 3rd April

  • TTRS
  • Open the Google Classroom file Half An Egg. Your challenge is to complete the other half of the egg and add some colour. Who can do the best job?
  • Complete any Mathletics assignments.

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