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Week Beginning 6th July

It was great to see so many year 2s last week and have the year 3s in this. The Oak Academy work is set to appear each day alongside some other tasks. If you were in school last week, you may wish to follow last week's Oak work. The learning covered telling the time to the minute. Year 2s are expected to be able to tell the time to the quarter of the hour but if you have mastered this already it will provide the next step. If you google "interactive clock" you can find lots of clocks you can move the hands of in order to help.


Week Beginning 29th June


We are really looking forward to seeing you over the next couple of weeks. Tasks will appear on Google Classroom for you to tackle if you are unable to attend.


Week Beginning 15th June


Well done last week. There was lots of good place value and measure work produced. Please try to remember that wherever you see Kilo it means 1000!


Lots of you also did some great Geography and found out the exact prices for getting to different wonders all around the world. I hope you remembered the 7 continents without too much problem.


This week's work will appear on Google Classroom as normal.


Week Beginning 8th June


Hi there- once again we are working through the Oak Academy lessons, with a few of you preferring to use BBC Bitesize- particularly for your English work.


Some parents have started to jot down a little end of week summary that they submit on a Friday- letting me know how the week has gone and any particular problems you have had. This is most helpful so please feel free to do the same. You may feel that this is easier than submitting work every day but you are most welcome to do both!



Week Beginning 1st June


Welcome back- I hope you had a good week. We are starting our new topic Do You Live Around Here? this week. All the tasks will appear on Google Classroom as usual.


We shall also be continuing with our Oak work. I would suggest us all starting on week 6 as we are getting a little out of sync! A couple of you are now using BBC Bitesize and producing some great work so if this suits you better that is absolutely fine. Only complete the English and Maths lessons.


Remember to have the odd review session when you simply answer some 4 rules questions, practice TTRS and read read read.



Week Beginning 25th May


It is half term this week so we shall not be setting work. We shall be in touch shortly after half term to see how you are getting on. Well done to all those sending in Virtual Sports Day scores and especially to Team Green!


Week Beginning 17th May


This week we are having a virtual Sports’ Day/Week. An e-mail was sent to your parents yesterday but you can also find it on the school website.


You have an activity to try to practice each day and then get as many points as possible for your house.

If you wish other people to see your attempts I have turned on the Stream. This means that for this week you can post your own videos into the class stream. Please only post one or two things a day but comment positively on other people’s posts as much as you like. Please use this feature sensibly!


Tasks for this week


Oak Academy/BBC Bitesize

Many of you are doing brilliantly with Oak Academy and if so I would continue with week 4. If you are still finding it a struggle you could go to BBC Bitesize and work through their lessons this week. Both are very good. I would avoid switching between the two, so whichever you choose, stick with it for the whole week.


I have put in an ancient P challenge worksheet- older than me! It is quite fun for spelling and vocabulary. Find as many things as you can beginning with P. If you can print it off, colour them in as you go. After you have tried to get as many as you can ask parents for some help. Why is there a rhino in the picture? Choose your favourite 5 P words and put them into sentences.


Other tasks will appear as they are assigned.


Have a good week and enjoy the sunshine!



Week Beginning 11th May


Hello to you all! I hope you all managed to mark VE Day in some way. I am still going through your work and there are some great examples of things you did!


I have put in another Class News page today with each of your names. Do share with the class what you have been up to but be careful- only write under your own name- it is easy to delete other people’s writing if you are not careful. It worked well last time.


Please continue with the Oak Academy work. We are now on week 3. There is also a range of other subjects for you to have a go at.


I have also put in some 4 rules questions again- it is really important to keep these going. These and your times tables are very important.


Again- do not worry if you are not doing everything- if you can manage Oak and one other thing a day you are doing brilliantly.


I am writing this on Sunday morning and tonight the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, will tell us whether his advisers think it is safe for schools to re- open. I really hope he says we can start to open soon so that we can all be together again.


If not, we will have to keep going a little longer. Keep up the good work!



W/B Monday 3rd May


Well done to you all! Nearly everyone has managed to complete some of the Oak Academy work. Do not worry if you have not done it all. I know that recording what you have done is tricky and it is fine just to send a message saying you have completed it. Please keep at it though- it is an excellent resource. Remember this week we shall be doing week 2- not week 3!


Click on the link below:


This week instead of separate subject tasks, we are setting one topic based around VE Day.


This Friday 8th marks 75 years since VE day, the official end of fighting in Europe in 1945 (WW2). To mark this occasion I have attached a slide show full of information about the event. You will find this in Google Classroom. There are many slides with ideas, thoughts and discussion points for you to think about during the week. You can do your own research with your parent's help, and use some of the slides to inspire some work. There are some ideas below. You could try one a day!


1. Plan a war time menu 

2. Design/colour some flags for a party

3. Set up your toys/cuddly animals for a street party!

4. Design/Write party invitations

5. Design a kindness poster

6. Write a diary entry

7. Learn a WW2 dance! (see video link)

8. Write a poem or copy out the words to We'll Meet Again as neatly as possible and decorate them- perhaps with people you are missing at the moment.


I would love to see what ideas you come up with.


The Queen will deliver a speech at 9pm on Friday, the exact time her father, King George VI, made his radio address to the nation in 1945 to announce victory in Europe. Her message will form the centrepiece of a televised musical event 'VE Day 75: The People’s Celebration', which will begin at 8pm. You could ask your parents to record it for you.


After the broadcast on BBC One, the public will be invited to take part in a country-wide singalong of Dame Vera Lynn's wartime anthem "We'll Meet Again" which has once again become very relevant. I have attached the song from the BBC so you can learn it and sing along if you like!


Additional events throughout the day on Friday will include a two minute silence at 11 a.m. and a broadcast of then Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill’s victory speech in the afternoon.




Week Beginning 27th April

Hello everyone! Your work has been brilliant!


Do look at some of the examples on the Stream in Google Classroom!

This week we are going to start using some special lessons the Government has developed.

Click on the link below:


This follows the year 3 curriculum. In class 3 we usually follow this curriculum so I would suggest that year 2s also give this a go.

Please read the following instructions very carefully with your parents:

1. Each day there are three lessons. We would like you to do the English and Maths lessons only.

2. We are starting with last week’s lessons. This is WEEK 1. You will need to scroll down the page to find week 1. DO NOT START ON WEEK 2. You can see the whole week’s lessons and do more one day and less the next if you wish. The English and Maths lessons should be done in order i.e. Monday, then Tuesday, etc…

3. Each lesson starts with a short quiz. To complete the lesson you need to click on Next Activity. Lessons will last an hour at the most.

4. You will need to complete most lessons on paper with a pencil or pen. Some lessons have tables and pictures. Look at these but do not try to copy them out as this will take ages!

5. We would still like to see your work so we have set up an Oak Academy Work Assignment for each day of the week on Google Classroom. To submit your work the easiest way is to use a device that can take photos and photograph your work. Then open the Google Classroom assignment and click on INSERT and insert your photo/s. If you prefer to insert all your week’s photos at the end of the week that is fine. Then submit your work. Some lessons may not produce any work.

6. We shall still be setting a few other assignments to cover other subject areas. This week you have history, DT, art and science tasks.


This may take a little bit of getting used to but the lessons are very good quality and well worth the effort.


Keep up the hard work.




Monday 20th April

  • Maths procedures- open the document 4 rules practice in Google Classroom. Complete these sums. Ask mums or dads to check your answers and set more sums if you are unsure. If you are finding them too easy ask parents for some 4 digit sums.
  • Easter news- Open the document in Google Classroom. What have you been up to? Choose three things- write a paragraph on each.
  • Our new topic is on Treasure- open History Treasure 1 and complete the task.

Tuesday 21st April

  • Open Art- an Easter Treasure and complete
  • Open Science- become an archaeologist. This looks great fun!
  • Check Mathletics for assigned tasks.

Wednesday 22nd April

  • Open History Treasure 2- this is a research and literacy task that you will not complete in one session. Work on it each day and then submit it at the end of the week.
  • Work on TTRS and review shape vocabulary again:
  • It is really important that we do not forget our shape vocabulary. Ask someone at home if you do not remember the following shapes/words: circle, semi- circle, ellipse, triangle (equilateral, isosceles, scalene), quadrilateral (square, rectangle, rhombus, kite, parallelogram, trapezium), pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, right angle, acute, obtuse, vertical, horizontal, parallel, perpendicular, sphere, cylinder, cone, cube, cuboid, pyramid, prism, symmetry. LOTS to remember!!!!!!

Thursday 23rd April

  • Open Gemstone- Design and Technology and complete
  • Continue work on History Treasure 2

Friday 24th April

  • Open PE ideas
  • Complete any outstanding work
  • Check Mathletics
  • Explore websites signposted from the school website





Monday 30th March

I hope you all had a good weekend! This week I have posted all of the activities at the same time although some may not appear on Google Classroom until Wednesday. Do not feel you have to do everything in order.

It is really important to keep practicing your mathematical procedures and times tables. I will put Times Table Rock Stars in every day because 5 minutes a day is much better than one hour, once a week!

This week’s maths will focus on shape work. The Mathletics units have been assigned. So today...


  • In Google Classroom open the file Word Types- follow the example typing some sentences of your own, colour- coding the different types of word
  • In Google Classroom open the file Observational drawing. If you can send in a picture of your work, please do
  • TTRS/Mathletics
  • If you want to keep practising your ukulele these Youtube tutorials should be just right. The strumming pattern in the second clip is a little more challenging.


Tuesday 31st March

  • TTRS
  • Go to Google Classroom- open the Science/Literacy file and complete.


Wednesday 1st April

  • It is really important that we do not forget our shape vocabulary. Ask someone at home if you do not remember the following shapes/words: circle, semi- circle, ellipse, triangle (equilateral, isosceles, scalene), quadrilateral (square, rectangle, rhombus, kite, parallelogram, trapezium), pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, right angle, acute, obtuse, vertical, horizontal, parallel, perpendicular, sphere, cylinder, cone, cube, cuboid, pyramid, prism, symmetry. LOTS to remember!!!!!!
  • Open the Space Ship file in Google Classroom. Use Shape and Polyline to build a Space Ship LABELLING THE SHAPES! I have started one. Continue with on or delete it and start again. Can you use 8 different shapes? You will need to use lines and add text boxes to label.
  • TTRS
  • Go to Google Classroom. Open the DT Task file. Complete on paper or in a Google Doc file.


Thursday 2nd April

  • TTRS
  • Go to Google Classroom. Open the Great Artists file and complete the task. Be creative.


Friday 3rd April

  • TTRS
  • Open the Google Classroom file Half An Egg. Your challenge is to complete the other half of the egg and add some colour. Who can do the best job?
  • Complete any Mathletics assignments



Monday 23rd March


Tasks for today:

  • Log in to Google Classroom- Complete your work on World War 2. Make sure you can insert pictures and have included sub- headings. Click on submit in the top right hand corner of the page so I can see that it has been completed.
  • Log in to Mathletics- make sure you have completed all assigned tasks. If you already have- GREAT!!! Work through the fraction questions. I shall assign more tasks tomorrow.
  • Log in to TTRS. See if you can move up 3 levels.
  • If you cannot log in, please e-mail into the school.
  • I will post up the names of children completing tasks well.


Tuesday 24th March

  • Log in to Google Classroom- you have been set 2 assignments based on the changing seasons. If you find the art task tricky you could do it on paper but have a go!
  • More Mathletics exercises have been assigned.


Wednesday 25th March- Lest We Forget..

On Wednesdays we will review the things that it is really important we do not forget!

  • Recap on the mathematical procedures you should know by the end of the year. You should be able to:
  1. Add any two 3- digit numbers together
  2. Subtract a 3-digit number from another
  3. Multiply a 3- digit number by any single digit
  4. Divide a 3- digit number by single digit

Ask a parent to write down three of each of these sums and make sure you can still do them!!

  • Log- in to Google Classroom. There is a history task. You could listen to some of the information about other rooms and tour your house putting post-it notes on, or making a list of things they did not have in the 1940s.
  • Complete any assigned Mathletics tasks- use the tutorial if necessary.


Thursday 26th March

  • An online extended writing task should be in Google Classroom. The story ideas are only suggestions. Try to write 10 lines or so in each part. Do not worry if you do not finish this task today. Once finished you could add some pictures to your writing.
  • I have set more Mathletics course work. Well done to Aaron, Olivia, Ellie, Grace and Logan who have answered most questions so far this week. Aaron has done over 5 hours!!!!!


Friday 27th March

  • From Friday there will be a file in Google Classroom. You can all edit this file. Send a message to your classmates and tell them what you have been up to. Be careful not to delete what other people have written. If you are working on this file at the same time you should be able to spot who is online and say, "Hi!"
  • Explore some of the other websites we have links to at the bottom of this page. If you find a good one or are using a good one e-mail me at
  • Well done to Riley, Ruben, Olivia, Dulcie and Ellie who have been most active on TTRS.
  • Have a good weekend!!



“By working together in an exciting, creative and supportive Christian environment we will challenge and inspire every child to become highly literate, numerate, sociable and healthy, with a thirst for continued learning and a belief in their ability to become significant citizens”