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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!

Class 4 have settled in and had a busy start to the year. Click on Autumn term to find out more about what we have been getting up to.
During September, we spent lots of time getting to know our new classmates. Class 4 took part in lots of different team building activities in PE. We learnt to work together as a team and to communicate with each other in an effective and positive way. These pictures, show us working together to cross a river. We had to get our whole team across, with a special piece of equipment, without stepping in the water. It was made more difficult because a crocodile kept stealing our stepping stones if a body part wasn't touching them. Some groups worked so well together that we blindfolded part of the team to see if they could still work together when half of them couldn't see!

“By working together in an exciting, creative and supportive Christian environment we will challenge and inspire every child to become highly literate, numerate, sociable and healthy, with a thirst for continued learning and a belief in their ability to become significant citizens”