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Class 2

Welcome to our Home Learning for Class 2


Over the next few weeks we will be uploading some tasks / worksheets that you may want to work through with your child.


Try to check in each week to see if there are any new activities to complete.


As the children are still in KS1, there won’t be formal tracked online learning taking place (as there will be in KS2 through Google classroom), but we would encourage you to use and explore some of the useful websites mentioned in the ‘List of websites for home learning’ link below.


Please encourage your child to continue to use Mathletics as this is one of the most valuable online learning tools that we have.


Finally, if you have any questions about your child’s online learning activities, please email the school office directly addressed to FAO Mr Green / Mrs Evans. We will hopefully get back to you as soon as we can.


Mr Green and Mrs Evans

Geography - w/b 13/07

Design and Technology - w/b 13/07

Art - w/b 06/07

Art - w/b 15/06

w/b 08/06 - External Links Warning

Art - w/b 08/06

Literacy - w/b 01/06 -our literacy this week is connected to our Topic work.

Our topic this half term is called "Staycation"!

Topic - w/b 01/06 - History

Home Learning - Maths Week 7


This week the main learning objectives from Oak Academy for Year 1 are:


'Applying Knowledge of Number Bonds, Adding / Subtracting 2 digit numbers to ones with some regrouping.'


The objectives for Year 2 are:


'Fractions (continued): Identify Unit Fractions of a Quantity, Identify Equivalent Fractions.'


Well done to all those who continue to use Mathletics. Over half the class accessed it last week so keep going! I aim to allocate tasks at the start of each week and occasionally add more midweek if they are completed quickly. 

Home Learning - Topic - Environment

Home Learning - Topic - Geography

Home Learning - Topic - Science

Home Learning - Recyling

Home Learning - Art

Home Learning - Maths Week 6


This week the main learning objectives from Oak Academy for Year 1 are:


'Comparing and Ordering Numbers to 100', 'To Identify Patterns Within a Sequence of Numbers'.


The objectives for Year 2 are:


'Fractions: Relate Halves and Quarters to Division', 'Identify Fractions of a Shape', 'Identify Fractions of Shapes with Different Numerators.'


Please continue to use Mathletics and investigate other online resources that will help your child with their learning. (See links from Week 5).


Below are a few extra resources to support your child's learning this week. 

Home Learning - VE Day

Home Learning - Maths Week 5

I hope you have all managed to get to grips with the Oak National Academy online lessons. It does take a few attempts to become familiar with how it works. This week the main focus from Oak Academy for Year 1 is:


'Numbers to 100, Apply Knowledge of Number Bonds, One more One less, Ten more Ten less.' 


If you feel that these lessons do not stretch your child's learning please feel free to investigate the Year 2 lessons. The objectives this week are:


'Rotations, Predictions about Rotations, Following a Route on a Map.' 


A huge well done to all those who have been working hard on Mathletics. This week has seen a very large increase in children participating with their set tasks which has been wonderful to see - well done! 

In addition to this, the Hamilton Trust website (linked below) has a wide range of resources which can be of use.

In addition to the Oak National Academy lessons, below are some extra resources to support this week's objectives.

Home Learning - lots of resources for this half term!

Home Learning - Maths Week 4

This week the focus is money. Alongside these worksheets please do start to explore the Oak National Academy lessons by clicking on the above link. Well done to all those who have been logging onto Mathletics. There have been 8 children this week who have clocked up two hours or more, 3 of which have done more than three hours. Well done!

Home Learning - Maths Week 3

Please continue to use Mathletics. The program allows us to see which children have completed the assigned tasks. We will continue to regularly update assigned tasks once the current ones have been completed. 

Welcome Back!

Home Learning - Maths Week 2
Your child has also been assigned some Mathletics tasks. Please try to work through them. We will check at the end of the week to see who will be needing more tasks assigned to them for them after the Easter break.
Home Learning - Maths Week 1

Home Learning - Literacy Week 1

Home Learning - topic work

We finally finished our Titanic lego model!
We made some ice-bergs out of papier mache. We added some facts about ice-bergs and the Titanic.
We created our own News Report on the Titanic using Green Screen. 

Here is an extract from our news report on the Titanic.

Still image for this video
World Book Day 2020 - we came as characters from The Twits

We made New Year's Eve Firework pictures using wax crayons and paint. Can you spot Big Ben and the London Eye on the skyline?

We have been making colour spinners to understand the spectrum of light. 
African Dance Workshop
Making 'African Art Silhouette' pictures for African Arts Week
Creating our 'African Necklaces' for African Arts Week

We made Christmas Decorations. We used lots of different materials and techniques.

We used the ipads to draw famous buildings.

We painted our models

We started to build some famous buildings using 'junk' materials.
We The Curious visit. Concluding our topic on I'm Alive (Planetarium) and beginning our topic on Buildings.
Creating some art work reflecting our ocean part of our topic on I'm Alive.
Skip 2B Fit Workshop
Growing cress from a small seed. Understanding what living things need to survive.
We did some still life drawing work using pastels.
Our topic on I'm Alive. We found some animals living in the school grounds. Can you spot what they are?

“By working together in an exciting, creative and supportive Christian environment we will challenge and inspire every child to become highly literate, numerate, sociable and healthy, with a thirst for continued learning and a belief in their ability to become significant citizens”