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Autumn Term

Myths and Legends

This term we are studying Myths and Legends from the past. We are looking at a range of stories from Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and Aboriginal traditional stories. We have found out about features of these stories, as well as researching how they were recorded by people at the time.
We read legends from around the world, including the legend that inspired the Mexican flag. 
After learning about the legend, we decided to enjoy making some Mexican food, using the herbs that we planted in the summer. Very tasty!

Collecting herbs from our planter and cooking quesadillas

Remembering The Great War

Fascinating Forces

We are now learning about forces at work around us. We have started by trying to understand Newton's laws of motion, and explore how gravity, air resistance and friction effect moving objects.

Testing Newton's three laws

Using some clips and wooden sticks, we made catapults that generated a push force to launch a bead across the room! We designed, constructed and tested them, making sure we could explain the forces at work. We think they worked very well!

Catapults in action!

Still image for this video

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