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Autumn Term


As part of our topic, we went to a STEM festival and learnt about scientific advances in energy and technology. We tried virtual reality, robotics, wind turbines and sound and heat detection. 

After the visit we continued with technology and design by learning how bridges and engineered. We researched different types of bridge and found examples from around the world. Once we had found out about suspension, cantilever, beam, and arch bridges, we designed out own in small teams that to hold at least 100g, and could span 30cm. We used triangles as a strong shape to support our structures, but the only materials we could use were paper, card and tape! Amazingly, most bridges help 1kg or more! Well done engineers!

Go with the Flow

For the second half of this term we are studying rivers and water. To start this topic off we have visited Ashford Water Treatment works.


We studied the rivers that flow into or around the reservoir. We measured the depth and width of the rivers, as well as the shape as the water flows to the sea. We used vocabulary such as meander, source and tributary to discuss how rivers form and change. We also enjoyed den and dam building!



We toured the water treatment works and got to see how water is cleaned to be ready to go to our homes. 
We also walked around the reservoir and looked at how the water flow is controlled. We looked for several signs of wildlife and saw swans and a badger's set. We learnt about how the reservoir was formed and how the water is pumped into the factory. 

What's in the News


This term we have been writing a class newspaper. This has been part of our learning about communication. We have studied inventions from the past that have furthered our ability to share news around the world. For our newspaper writing, we have divided into teams, interviewed and researched our stories and taken photos to go with our articles. 

Interviewing people for our articles

We held regular board meeting where we discussed story ideas, listened to each others ideas and gave advice to develop the newspaper as a team. 

“By working together in an exciting, creative and supportive Christian environment we will challenge and inspire every child to become highly literate, numerate, sociable and healthy, with a thirst for continued learning and a belief in their ability to become significant citizens”