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Events 2016-2017

Isle of Wight Residential

Isle of Wight Residential 1 Birthday celebrations
Isle of Wight Residential 2 Enjoying the Ferry Crossing
Isle of Wight Residential 3
Isle of Wight Residential 4
Isle of Wight Residential 5 Games Evening
Isle of Wight Residential 6
Isle of Wight Residential 7 Who is being a great sport at the Theatre?
Isle of Wight Residential 8
Isle of Wight Residential 9
Isle of Wight Residential 10 At the Sweet Factory
Isle of Wight Residential 11 Great Table Manners
Isle of Wight Residential 12 Happy faces
Isle of Wight Residential 13 Table for 4 please
Isle of Wight Residential 14 Mr. MacRae getting in on the action.
Isle of Wight Residential 15 Carrisbrook Castle
Isle of Wight Residential 16

The chicks are getting out onto the edge of the nest ready to fly.

Extract from Blanche by Jeremy LLoyd.

......And flapped her wings

And said, "These are most awkward things!

For though I skip and jump quite high

I am no nearer to the sky."

Picture 1 "Shall I or sharn't I?"
Picture 2 "I think I might....."
Picture 3 "I'll have a go."
Picture 4 "I've done it!"
Picture 5 "This is scary!"
Picture 6 "I'm diving back in the nest."
The chicks are growing their feathers.
Picture 1
The parents are feeding the hungry chicks!
Picture 1

The eggs have hatched!

This year both our nesting boxes are occupied. The first clutch of eggs was laid about two weeks ago and have now hatched. We are expecting the second clutch to hatch between the 2 - 5 May.

The chicks look pink because they don't have their feathers yet. Can you see the yellow beak?

The chicks look pink because they don't have their feathers yet. Can you see the yellow beak? 1

Breakfast time!

Breakfast time! 1

And Daddy helps too!

And Daddy helps too! 1

We have nesting birds! Blue tits are nesting and we are able to use webcams to watch the young hatch and grow.

We have nesting birds! Blue tits are nesting and we are able to use webcams to watch the young hatch and grow.  1 How many eggs can you see?
We have nesting birds! Blue tits are nesting and we are able to use webcams to watch the young hatch and grow.  2 The blue tits are going to be very busy soon!
Picture 1 Another visitor spotted at the bird feeder.
Picture 1 Any left for me?

India Day 2017



On Tuesday 21st February the children enjoyed India day. Children found out about India and completed a range of activities.

The first highlight of the day was the visit from Mr and Mrs Wallia, from Guddi and Gikki restaurant in Taunton,  who showed the children a range of spices and cooked up the tastiest onion bhajis anyone had ever tried!

The second highlight was an afternoon of Indian dance led by Avtar Panesar who also brought a range of clothing and artefacts for the children to explore.


One day was certainly not enough...



Values Day ~ Trust


On Thursday 12th January we held a Values Day on trust. After Collective Worship, the children had a session in the hall where they were invited to think about those they trust, write prayers and spend time reflecting and being still. Once back in their classes, each class focused on a different Bible story:


Class 1 thought about Noah, Class 2 read how Jesus calmed the storm, Class 3 learnt about Daniel, Class 4 created fact file on the twelve disciples, and Class 5 focused on Psalm 23. Each class produced some work based on their topic to show their understanding and share with the school. 


We were joined for the day by Rev Chloe, Patrick Weld and governor Bev Dillon who we would like to thank for their help. Judging by the children's comments, the day was thought provoking and they enjoyed the chance to take time to reflect. 

Class 1 and 2 ~ Reflections on Trust

Class 3 and 4 ~ Reflections on Trust

Class 5 ~ Reflections on Trust

Blessing of the New Altar

On Epiphany, 6th January 2017, we welcomed the Arch Deacon of Taunton, The Ven. Simon Hill to bless our new school altar. As part of daily collective worship, the altar is a focal point and is used by the children as they light candles and reflect on the theme and teaching that day. It was designed by the Religious Education Foundation Committee and includes the symbol of St Micheal and All Angels Church as well as the school logo. 

The celebration was also attended by many of our school governors and Rev. Chloe, who led the collective worship. It was a memorable and special way to start the new year. 

Enmore School's new altar~ January 6th 2017

Planting spring bulbs.

We are very fortunate here at Enmore to have ' A Star Catering' providing our lovely hot lunches. Today they excelled themselves with a wonderful Christmas lunch - turkey and all the trimmings, Christmas pudding and chocolate log. Thank you ladies!
After lunch we held our Christmas Parties with games,competitions and a visit from Santa.

KS1 Nativity

KS1 Nativity 1 Our KS1 Nativity - "A Present For the Baby."

Christmas Shopping Day!

Christmas shopping day is kindly organised by our wonderful PTA to raise money for the school. The children purchase gifts for up to five family members then classes 3 - 5 take theirs home to wrap while classes 1 and 2 enlist the support of the older children to help them wrap theirs in school. A busy afternoon!

The firemen came to all our classrooms to teach us about their job and explained how we could keep ourselves safe from fires.

We had fun outside in the car park - the firemen let us climb up into the cab, and squirt the hose!

A Morrison's Lorry came to school!

We learnt how vital lorries are for transporting goods across the world and how to keep ourselves safe around large lorries.

Remembrance Day at St Michael's Church 2016

“By working together in an exciting, creative and supportive Christian environment we will challenge and inspire every child to become highly literate, numerate, sociable and healthy, with a thirst for continued learning and a belief in their ability to become significant citizens”